You are in the school court, playing with a friend and some snowballs. To win a round, you need to throw him a big snowball. But to be able to throw a big snowball, you have to charge your bar to 100%, care your aim, you can throw only ONE big snowball, after that, you'll have to reload your bar. How to charge the bar ? It's easy, just hit your opponent.

You can also hold the key and you will charge the snowball. It will slow you but if you touch your opponent it will charge your bar a lot more.

If the game doesn't work, try to update or change your browser, especially if you are using Internet Explorer.


Red player

Blue player

Xbox controller

Move left

A (Q for azerty)

numpad 4 (J w/o numpad)

Left stick

Move right


numpad 6 (L w/o numpad)

Left stick


W (Z for azerty)

numpad 8 (I w/o numpad)


Charge/throw snowball


numpad 9 (O w/o numpad)


Throw big snowball

Q (A for azerty)

numpad 7 (U w/o numpad)


The snowballs

The main things of this game are the snowballs. Hitting your opponent with will increase your charge bar.

You can charge a snowball by holding the key, it will charge a lot more your bar, but it will slow you.

The big snowballs

Once your charge bar full, you can throw a big snowball (but only one) to try to kill your opponent.

The charge bar

This is what I talk about from the beginning, there is one for each player and they are on the upper corners (left for the red player and right for the blue player).

The score

When you hit the opponent with the big snowball, your score increases and a new round starts (but not the timer). The first at three wins the game.

The timer

At the end of the timer, the sudden death starts and both players can throw big snowballs at any time.

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